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How it works in a Nutshell

We host your template design request on Trello, a project management tool for modern work. It's as simple as 1-2-3-4.
Managed through Trello
Powered by Figma
Step 1

Subscribe to our template plan

Subscribe for unlimited design help and download access to all our products.
Step 2

Access your design board

Get invited to your design board where you can see all our products and collaborate with us.
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Step 3

Create your first request

Create as many requests as you’d like for your templates customization needs.
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Step 4

Provide full context

Let’s minimize back-and-forth messages and get started on delivering progress.
Step 5

Get daily updates

Daily tweet-sized updates, giving you a quick summary of the work progress.
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Subscription benefits

Learn about the top six perks of having an active subscription with us.

No Limits

Unlimited design requests with unlimited revisions.

No contracts

If you need to cancel your plan, it’s ok. No contracts.

No hidden fixes

Pay the same fixed fee every time, no surprises here.

Vetted designers

Work with senior expert-vetted professionals only.

Fast and reliable

Get daily updates with your design back in every 24 hours.

Unique and yours

No cookie-cutter stuff. Unique and custom-made, just for you.

Our templates

Meet our Webflow and Figma resource site with templates designers by top 1% senior designers

Mindcure Therapy

Launch your therapy business website effortlessly with Mindcure, the premium Therapist Webflow Template.

Meet our Template Subscription

Get all templates and request unlimited template customizations
Fast turnaround
Unlimited requests
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Common Questions

How does communication work?

At our company, we use Trello, which is a project management tool for modern work, to handle your design requests. Upon signing up, you'll be given a custom board where we can collaborate and manage tasks together.

There is no limit to the number of requests you can create, and you can prioritize them by moving them to the active requests column. For any pointers or small edits, you can leave comments on the Trello card or record a Loom video to walk us through the changes you need.

We work on one request at a time, and you can decide when to pause one task to start another. Our designers will provide daily updates in the form of tweet-sized summaries to give you a quick overview of the progress made each day.

If you require more detailed explanations, we'll provide video walkthroughs attached to your specific tasks. Additionally, we offer a Slack integration add-on for an additional $499/month.

This will enable us to integrate our team and processes into your Slack workspace. If needed, you can upgrade your account anytime through our customer portal.

What happens if I don't like the design?

That is all fine! With your design subscription, you have unlimited revisions. So the designer will keep iterating until you are 100% satisfied.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

At Strides, we believe our subscription offers top-notch design and communication. Refunds aren't available now, but you can cancel or resume anytime.